CIO-360 – IT Diagnostic & Master Plan


A diagnostic tool allowing us to make an observation on 20 IT topics and an executive summary accompanied by prioritized recommendations and a budget: You will have your game plan for the coming years.

CIO 360

Do you have the necessary resources and expertise to deliver the digital projects to come?

Do you have issues with your IT assets?

Need an external opinion or a second opinion? An evaluation of your installations or your software solutions?

Do you want your Information Technologies to become a tool for transforming your organization?

Among the governance issues of a company, those of sound IT management are among the most critical. Well-designed IT control processes and Key Performance Indicators (IT KPI) aim to ensure the integrity, availability, and confidentiality of your data.

It minimize the risks related to IT security and the integrity of financial information;

It improve the efficiency of your operations;

It position your organization on the strategic axes of development;

It strengthen your credibility with customers and business partners.

Our intervention approach, called CIO-360, combined with the great expertise of our CIO advisers, makes it possible to diagnose your IT Team, IT processes, information systems and technological infrastructures. This diagnosis makes it possible to:

Evaluate risks

Make recommendations for improvements or projects;

Suggest priorities.

Our CIO-360 approach is very agile and covers up to 15 areas of IT governance. A first meeting (free) will allow us to target the diagnostic areas. The following diagram shows the 15 areas of concern for the CIO-360.

For each domain of interest of the CIO 360 radar that has been chosen, we will jointly establish the criticality for the organization, then make the observations, the maturity analysis, and the recommendations. We will also run a prioritization workshop that will assess the speed and efforts to implement each of the recommendations (improvement or project) versus the added value on the business. This will make it possible to prioritize all of the recommendations and turn them into a portfolio of projects.

Project prioritization using a value / speed-effort matrix

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