Project Management Office (PMO)

Project Management Office

Project management is being increasingly vital to the success of a company. Optimally orchestrating a transformation within the company can make the difference between success or disaster. A PMO ensures that resources are invested according to the company’s strategic plan and according to determined budgets. The standardization of project delivery responds to the following issues: 

    • Lack of visibility and transparency at all levels of the organization; 
    • Lack of monitoring of project budgets, uncontrolled cost overruns; 
    • Challenging stakeholder engagement, speed of execution, user dissatisfaction; 
    • Prioritisation of projects according to the needs of a business unit versus prioritisation according to the company 

These are the main reasons why many organizations set up a project office. Eficio can help you set up a Project Management Office (PMO) by providing a senior project control officer (PCO) and a project management toolbox adapted to your organizational context. 


Your PMO will allow you to: 

  • Provide the company with a project management methodology and tools 
  • Have a complete overview of all your projects (Project portfolio management) 
  • Track projects based on your organization’s strategic priorities 
  • Track the dependencies between your company’s projects: assess the impacts on human and organizational resources 
  • Increase your ability to deliver projects 
  • Improve your organization’s understanding of project risks. 
  • Increase knowledge at the organizational level
  • Accelerate the evolution from an operational culture to a culture of project management 

Our  PMO experts can help you define and implement: 

  • The mission and objectives of the project office 
  • The organizational structure of the project office 
  • The products and services offered by the project office 
  • Management and control processes and tools 
  • A communication plan 
  • A transition plan 
  • A Project Control Officer (PCO) 


To learn more about our PMO implementation process, read our article on the subject.

The following diagram shows the relationship between PMO, Project Portfolio Management and the management of each of the projects:


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