Benefit from an experienced IT executive to achieve your goals

Who is in charge of your Information Technology?

Our IT executives are CIO (Chief Information Officer), CTO (Chief Technology Officer), CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) or program/project director. They can become your strategic IT partners available according to your needs, in the short or long term, to help you align your information technologies with your business. Any organization, regardless of size, needs someone responsible for IT. Hiring an Eficio executive to lead your strategic technology efforts helps you get the most out of your investments.

Design CIO sur demande

on demand

Our on-demand IT executives, with their CIO toolkit and pre-qualified network of suppliers, are key elements in helping our clients achieve their strategic digital transformation objectives or more tactical goals in sound IT governance.

Our IT executives have extensive experience in various organizations of different sizes, operating in diverse sectors such as services, manufacturing, insurance, engineering firms, and more. They possess the ability to quickly adapt to our clients’ operational realities. On average, our IT executives have over 25 years of experience.


On-call, hourly, or fixed-rate basis

Regardless of your IT challenges, objectives, and budget, our executive will be available for the duration, intervals, and interventions that align with your needs. Whether it's a single call, hourly, daily, monthly, or on a fixed-rate basis, everything is possible! We can support you for two full years or just three hours per month—our interventions are dictated by your requirements.


Is your IT department or IT manager in need of reinforcement? Do you want to provide experienced coaching to your leadership team or IT resources? Our CIOs/CTOs/CISOs work in collaboration with the existing staff to fulfill the needs within the prescribed timelines and budgets. Moreover, upon your request, your IT executive will ensure succession planning by increasing the maturity level of your team to make them fully self-reliant.

Interim role

Temporarily hire a qualified CIO/CTO/CISO for the period when you feel like you are operating without a safety net, whether due to the sudden departure of your trusted IT executive or to support your IT management during a critical period of activity.

The benefits of an IT Executive on demand

  • Obtain high-level IT services at a fraction of the cost and without impact on the payroll.
  • Benefit from innovative strategic advice, when you need it, and for the necessary period.
  • Devote more time and energy to business strategies while your IT Executive takes care of your technological challenges.
  • Effective and agile tactical interventions that adhere to the allocated budgets.
  • Go into high-speed mode with a proactive independent team that focuses solely on achieving predetermined goals.
CIO sur demande
CIO sur demande
  • Benefit from the advice of an informed and well-connected IT Executive: He stays up-to-date with the latest technological innovations. Our IT Excutives have been tracking the market for many years and have a vast network of contacts they leverage to expand their expertise.
  • Gain a fresh perspective on your IT.
  • Take advantage of a network of IT experts who, when needed, participate in your projects.
  • The complete independence of your assigned CIO: even if they come from a consulting agency, your CIO is entirely independent from all suppliers. They will not try to push a product or service for their own gain; their focus will be on finding what is most advantageous for you. Period.

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