CIO 360 Coaching

CIO 360 Coaching

Join our Coaching CIO 360 program, specially designed for IT leaders seeking personal development aligned with the strategic aspirations of their company. This program offers a deep understanding of your IT strategic plan, ensuring a perfect alignment with the vision and long-term goals of your organization.

Strategic Alignment

Our coaching goes beyond improving individual skills. It aims to harmonize IT operations with the overall strategic plan of the company, using the CIO 360 framework and its 15 best IT governance practices to identify key areas for improvement and optimal performance.

CIO 360 Framework

Our CIO 360 Framework covers 15 key themes of best IT practices. The CIO 360 has been developed to enhance the strategic and operational performance of your IT leadership. This comprehensive approach ensures a complete development of your IT governance.


Your journey in our Coaching CIO 360 Program starts with an assessment of your current challenges. This crucial first step precisely identifies your specific needs. Then, personalized workshops are organized, providing a comprehensive immersion into the key areas prioritized by you. Our expert coaches, with significant experience in IT leadership, will guide you step by step on this transformational journey. They dynamically adapt the program to resonate with your personal and professional goals, ensuring development aligned with the strategic aspirations of your company. This flexible yet structured approach promotes significant evolution in your IT leadership.

Every aspect of our coaching is tailored to align with your strategic vision and IT plan. We focus on individual development while ensuring that IT operations are in harmony with the long-term goals of your company.

Explore our coaches, all former IT executives with remarkable expertise. Their high-level experience in IT leadership is the foundation of our coaching. These seasoned professionals have a profound understanding of the challenges and dynamics of the IT sector. They are not just guides but also mentors capable of propelling you toward strategic success. Their enriching experience will provide you with unique perspectives and pragmatic advice, essential for navigating the complex landscape of IT governance.

Our IT leadership coaches are not only experts in their field; they also have privileged access to a wide range of resources. This includes our Eficio toolbox, full of proven tools and methodologies, as well as specialized content from the Gartner Group. Additionally, our coaches can leverage an extensive network of experienced peers, allowing them to broaden their perspectives and offer even more innovative solutions tailored to your specific challenges.

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