Augmented Reality As a Service

Augmented reality: From idea to implementation

Eficio offers a comprehensive augmented reality solution that effectively addresses the challenges associated with knowledge transfer from experts. Additionally, our solution optimizes standard operating procedures (SOP) through augmented reality technology. Discover how.

why ?

Difficulty in obtaining qualified workforce

Need to improve the level of efficiency

Difficulty in achieving optimal equipment performance (OEE)

Difficult-to-optimize work procedures that are costly to maintain

Difficulty in keeping a skills matrix up to date

Imagine a world where every factory worker could perform an operation flawlessly on the first try, every time.


Fewer errors, more precision

Optimize production time

Attract and retain top talent

Enhanced industrial agility

Putting people at the heart of your transformation, a step towards Industry 5.0

How does it work?

A turnkey “As a Service” approach, where Eficio takes care of everything: integrating human aspects, processes, and technologies.

RA As a service Eficio
With Eficio, optimize your SOP in AR mode and enter a new era of productivity and knowledge management

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