Data governance

Data governance

In a constantly evolving digital world, data has become a crucial asset for businesses. Data governance has thus become a critical concern to ensure its effective, secure, and strategic use. As a consultant in digital transformation, we offer cutting-edge expertise to support you in establishing a robust data governance framework tailored to your specific needs.

Our data governance services are designed to assist your organization in implementing strong data management practices, compliance management, and adherence to regulations such as Quebec’s law 25.

Our services

Our consultants conduct a thorough assessment of the company’s data infrastructure, identifying gaps, risks, and opportunities for improvement in terms of data governance.

Our consultants assist in developing policies, procedures, and strategies for the effective management of data, aligned with specific objectives and regulations.

We help you design appropriate data models, determining the structures, relationships and standards needed to ensure data quality and integrity.

Using AI-driven automated tools, our consultants assist in identifying sensitive data, such as personal data, and classify it based on its level of sensitivity, making it easier to protect and manage appropriately. The data governance tool is a solution that enables mapping, visualizing, and controlling data flows within an information system. LightBeam helps strengthen the protection of personal and sensitive data, comply with regulations, and optimize the performance of the information system. 

We support you in implementing appropriate consent mechanisms for the collection, use and disclosure of personal data, as well as clear and transparent privacy policies.

Following a CISO 360 diagnosis, our security experts implement data security measures to protect against cyberattacks, intrusions, and data breaches, using techniques such as encryption, access monitoring, and identity management.

Benefits of data governance

Compliance with applicable regulations to avoid financial penalties and reputational risks

Building customer and partner trust

Easy access to the right information at the right time for informed decision-making

Reduced risk of cyberattacks and data leaks

Protection of sensitive information and guarantee of its confidentiality

Gouvernance de données

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