Automate and Accelerate Compliance with Law 25 with LightBeam

Automate and Accelerate Compliance with Law 25 with LightBeam

Cybersecurity Law 25 Compliance wi_th LightBeam

Quebec’s Law 25 mandates a rigorous policy on corporate governance practices regarding the protection of personal information. In this context, the LightBeam tool proves essential for achieving compliance. The main advantage of LightBeam lies in its ability to provide a 360-degree view of sensitive data, such as personally identifiable information (PII). This feature is particularly advantageous in cases where data resides in multiple locations, and the organization lacks a detailed view of the associated risks, a key requirement of Law 25.

Pierre Farley
Partner & Eficio CIO

Unlike siloed solutions, LightBeam allows for the linking of cataloging, control, and compliance of sensitive data across structured and unstructured data applications. This integrated approach provides comprehensive visibility, drafting of information, self-service requests from concerned individuals (DSR), and privacy impact assessment (PIA) analysis reports, ensuring optimal protection against ransomware and accidental exposures, while effectively meeting data privacy obligations.

Automation of personal information protection

The automation of personal information protection offered by LightBeam proves not only effective but also cost-effective. Investing in a solution like LightBeam can result in a significant return on investment by reducing costs associated with manual compliance management and minimizing the risk of costly data protection breaches. This is especially relevant in contexts where data is dispersed, and risk monitoring is complex.

LightBeam’s Spectra engine, utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning, cross-references all data fragments and builds a PII-centric identity graph for each entity (customers, employees, partners, patients, students), ensuring a continuous 360-degree view. This capability makes LightBeam indispensable for organizations seeking to comply with Law 25, as it provides the necessary tools for consistent, efficient, and legally compliant personal data management.

Lightbeam Features

Sensitive information can be hidden in pictures, text, logs, emails, tables, HTML, or JSON. Nothing escapes analysis !

Privacy Ops to help automate workflows

LightBeam’s Privacy Ops features directly align with the provisions of Law 25:

Autonomous management of requests from concerned individuals complies with the right of access and rectification provided by the Law.

Creating Records of Processing Activities (ROPA) reports fulfills the obligation to document data processing processes.

– Automation of Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA) corresponds to the requirement to assess risks related to data protection.

Consent management and cookie consent ensure compliance with Law 25’s consent standards.

Notification in case of data breach follows Law 25’s directive on mandatory notification in case of leaks or data breaches. 

Beyond personal information protection, LightBeam excels in managing any type of sensitive data specific to each organization. Its versatility allows companies to customize compliance settings based on their specific needs, covering a wide range of sensitive data types beyond just personal information. This makes LightBeam a comprehensive and adaptable solution, perfect for organizations seeking to comply not only with Law 25 but also with other regulations or internal requirements related to sensitive data management.

In practice, Eficio integrates LightBeam into its data governance projects, leveraging its advanced capabilities to strengthen and optimize data management within organizations. By adapting a robust governance framework, Eficio uses LightBeam to efficiently clean, catalog, and operationalize data protection. This approach not only ensures compliance with regulations like Law 25 but also establishes a more structured and effective data management. Through LightBeam, Eficio helps businesses transform their data into strategic assets, ensuring their integrity, security, and accessibility, in line with the highest standards of governance and data protection.

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