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Eficio has created the CIO Office, a trusted support for digital transformation for both our CIOs and your IT team. We provide a range of expertise and methodologies to accompany you on your digital transformation journey. With our highly qualified team and customer-centric approach, Eficio will enable you to achieve your strategic objectives and maximize the value of your technology investments.


Offered Expertise

Step into the digital age with EFICIO: Orchestrated experience for your digital success. Innovative visions, tailor-made solutions. Expertise in project management, enterprise architecture and more. Solid foundations for innovative agility. Transform your future with confidence and efficiency.

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The role of IT Strategist is a crucial position designed to support the Chief Information Officer (CIO) in performing their duties and addressing challenges. Acting as a coach, the IT Strategist provides strategic advice, assists in decision-making, and ensures optimal alignment between IT strategy and business objectives. They play a pivotal role in the design and implementation of innovative IT strategies, while also ensuring operational efficiency and digital transformation within the organization. Discover our IT Strategists.

Our experienced project managers are the conductors of your digital transformation. They coordinate all stakeholders, manage timelines and budgets, and ensure that your projects are delivered successfully. Their expertise in project/program management guarantees efficient execution, transparent communication, and risk control.

Our architects are the visionaries of your digital transformation. They design technological solutions adapted to your specific needs, considering your strategic objectives and operational constraints. Their expertise in enterprise architecture helps you build a robust and scalable infrastructure that promotes innovation and agility.

Our business analysts are the translators between your business and technology. They understand your business processes, identify improvement opportunities, and recommend effective solutions. Their expertise in needs analysis enables you to make informed decisions and optimize your operations.

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Offered Methodologies

CIO 360 Coaching is a personalized initiative for IT executives, aiming to align their professional development with business strategies. This program utilizes a framework of 15 key practices to enhance the strategic and operational performance of IT leaders, combining assessments, workshops, and expert guidance for significant evolution in IT leadership aligned with the goals of the organization. Find out more…

Our Project Management Office (PMO) deployment approach provides you with rigorous governance and proactive project management. We establish standardized processes and tools, ensure performance tracking, and provide regular reporting to ensure adherence to timelines, budgets, and objectives. Find out more…

We help you optimize your business processes by identifying improvement opportunities, eliminating inefficiencies, and promoting automation. Our process management approach enables you to increase operational efficiency, enhance the quality of products and services, and strengthen customer satisfaction. Find out more…

We guide you in the selection and acquisition of integrated software solutions that fit your needs. Our rigorous selection methodology includes evaluating vendors, analyzing functionalities, conducting demonstrations, and managing contract negotiations. We help you make informed decisions and implement high-performing software solutions. Find out more…

We support you in establishing a robust data governance framework. We define data management policies and processes, implement reference frameworks such as DAMA DMBOK2, and ensure regulatory compliance. Find out more…

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