About us

About us


Drive digital transformation

Unleash the digital potential of Quebec SMEs. Through agile and affordable solutions, we bridge the gap in access to senior resources like CIO, facilitating the digital transformation of growing businesses. We are committed to ensuring the complete satisfaction of our clients and partners in the field of digital transformation consulting.


Contribute significantly to the digital ecosystem

Our vision is to illuminate the digital future of our clients and the community through several key commitments:

  1. Inspire innovation: We actively encourage our clients to embrace innovation. As digital transformation agents, our goal is to propel their businesses to new heights by introducing innovative approaches and technology solutions tailored to our clients’ context.
  2. Enhance digital maturity: Our mission is to make excellence in IT governance accessible to all, with a particular focus on mid-sized enterprises. We firmly believe that advancing digital maturity is crucial for an organization as it enables it to enhance competitiveness, optimize internal processes, reach new markets, and meet the changing needs of customers in an increasingly digital economy.
  3. Cultivate a digital community: Beyond our services, we aspire to cultivate a dynamic digital community. Our CIOs Circle facilitates the free exchange of ideas and knowledge, contributing to the creation of an ecosystem where experience and expertise are shared openly.


Providing a rich environment for our collaborators and unprecedented resources for our clients.

CIOs circle

A collaborative space where every CIO can reach out to their colleagues for support or guidance in projects requiring expertise beyond their mastery.

Supplier directory

A directory built on over 30 years of experience in calling on specialized suppliers.


Hundreds of documents that will expedite the work of our CIOs in the execution of their interventions.

Advisory committee

For strategic interventions, enhance your thinking with an advisory committee consisting of 2 to 4 supporting CIOs.

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