Our Values


We make it a point to remain agnostic and independent in the search and recommendations of suppliers. We will NEVER take any compensation for these referrals, in any form whatsoever. We maintain a directory of pre-qualified suppliers to support our CIOs and for the unique benefit of our clients. Our independence is the key to our success and why our clients trust us.

Democratize excellence in IT governance

The price of technology has fallen significantly in recent years. SMEs can now invest in these technologies but access to senior CIO-type resources is still inaccessible for many of these SMEs. Eficio has the desire to democratize excellence in IT governance through agile and affordable offers. We offer our services not only for pecuniary reasons but above all to help growing businesses make the digital shift, for the pleasure of having brought value to our clients and to contribute to a strong Quebec economy.

Give to our fellowmen

At Eficio we believe in the importance of giving to others. We support several organizations that are dear to us.

Partenaires Eficio

Fondation Noël au Printemps


FNAP directly helps families experiencing financial difficulties as a result of a child’s illness.

Our Support

Jean-Francois Thériault is a member of the organizing committee of the activities. In addition, Intégra-co is a proud sponsor.




Futurpreneur helps young people between the ages of 18 and 39 who want to become entrepreneurs start successful businesses across Canada through funding and coaching.

Our Support

Each year, Alain Marchildon participates as a mentor in the growth of young entrepreneurs.


Réseau Action Ti


For more than 43 years, the ACTION TI Network has contributed to the development of the IT sector in Quebec and brings together professionals in information technology (TI).

Our Support

Alain, Jean-François and some of our CIOs have been participating in the Juré and Organizing Committee of the Octas for several years.