Law 25 compliance

Law 25 compliance

Law 25 compliance

A responsible approach to protect your data and that of your clients.

Protect and manage the confidential data that your company owns

Eficio can help you protect and manage the confidential data that your company possesses.

Our services include a range of solutions to ensure compliance with Law 25 regarding the protection of personal data. Our experts in personal data identification and compliance are trained to help you assess your personal data protection needs and develop a Law 25 compliance strategy.

We offer a variety of services including:

We assess the data protection risks in your business, including personal data risks, and offer recommendations to minimize them.

We help you comply with data protection laws and regulations, including Law 25 (Quebec), LPRPDE (Rest of Canada), GDPR (Europe), and others.

We’re here to help you manage data security incidents, including data breaches and malicious attacks.

We provide tailored training for your staff to help them understand data protection rules and apply data protection best practices.

We can help you manage your compliance with data protection regulations, including record keeping, compliance assessment and reporting

Law 25 on the protection of personal data

The Law modernizing legislative provisions on the protection of personal information brings significant changes to the Private Sector Privacy Act. These changes must be implemented as of September 2022! We have incorporated posture analysis into our CISO-360 audit.

Compliance with this Law is necessary as it becomes an essential element for doing business in Quebec, developing relationships, and having the opportunity to protect against cyberattacks. In addition, starting on September 22, 2023, criminal fines and damage claims by individuals will be possible.

The EFICIO product offering includes a cybersecurity risk analysis – CISO-360, in which we include an audit of the current IT posture with respect to Law 25. It is a clear, documented, and proven approach

The documents that will be delivered to you at the end of this mandate are a detailed report in Excel format for each of the 37 elements, a presentation detailing the type of data and high-level data architecture, as well as an executive presentation in PPT format. The detailed report aims to present the results of the analysis.

How to evaluate the risks for your personal data?

Here are some technical elements that will help us identify personal data in your company:

1. Determine the types of personal data you collect: It is important to know what information you collect from your customers, employees, or other stakeholders. This may include names, email addresses, physical addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth, financial information, health data, etc

2. Evaluate where the data is stored: It is important to know where personal data is stored in your company, including databases, files, servers, and hard drives. This can help assess risks and ensure data security.

3. Determine who has access to the data: It is important to know who has access to personal data in your company. This may include employees, third-party vendors, and business partners. We will ensure to identify access limitations to personal data for those who need it to perform their job.

4. Assess the risks for personal data: It is important to assess the risks for personal data, including risks of theft, loss, unauthorized disclosure, and breach of confidentiality. This will help identify areas of risk and implement security measures to protect the data.

5. Implement security measures: It is important to implement security measures to protect personal data, such as encrypting data, using strong passwords, two-factor authentication, and monitoring data access.

By working with data protection experts, we will assist you in developing a customized data protection strategy for your company.

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