Execution of digital projects

Optimize and simplify your operations with efficient digital processes

A transformation approach towards digital processes must be based on optimized and well-documented processes. Automating these optimized processes will help you be more efficient, simplify your business, and monitor your key performance indicators (KPI).

Process digitization (BPM)

Eficio offers a global approach to optimize and automate your business processes (BPM):

  1. Process architecture: From a generic process framework (Process Framework) adapted for your organization, Eficio will be able to assist you in creating your process architecture.
  2. Model and implement a workflow that links human tasks and automation
  3. Automate processes that were done manually
  4. Monitor in real time to resolve potential bottlenecks and problems.

Do you have a project or an idea?

We also suggest that you read our livre blanc : Motivations et caractéristiques d’une plateforme BPMS (in French) as well as the white paper on the pitfalls to avoid: “The agility trap”

Selection and acquisition of integrated software solutions (PLM, ERP, CRM, etc.)

Whether it is about better managing your growth, starting your digital shift or replacing end-of-life systems, the selection of a new Integrated Management Software (such as ERP, PLM, CRM, etc.) will be one of the most important business decisions you will ever have to make as an organization. A judicious choice will put wind in the sails of your business and will assure you of positive repercussions for several years to come. A bad choice could quickly become a heavy burden to bear.

Under the direction of Eficio’s Enterprise Software selection consultants, many manufacturing, distribution and service companies have successfully completed their integrated software selection projects.

The selection and implementation of a new integrated system is one of the most resource-intensive projects an SME can face. Many of the problems arise from the size and complexity of such a project. Other problems arise when the project does not have the necessary sponsorship from the leaders, as well as the lack of change management.

We’re here to make your job easier and more rewarding. Team up with an independent expert like Eficio for an efficient approach to enterprise software selection. If you are guided by the right team of consultants, you will be able to reduce the effort, resources and costs of your enterprise software selection.

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