CISO 360 – Roadmap Cybersecurity

CISO 360

Your cybersecurity Roadmap  


  • Are you aware of the importance of cybersecurity to minimize your business risks?
  • Are yourteam and resources limited?
  • Do you want an external and neutral opinion?
  • Do you need to know yoursecurity risks for your business?
  • Do you have legal or contractual obligations regarding security?
  • Your company does not have the same financial and human resources as large companies, however,do you have the same information security challenges?

Our approach is suitable for medium to large companies. She is nimble and people-oriented.


Our jargon is adapted so that it is easy to understand and analyze to take action to reduce risks.


Choose the formula that suits you and benefit from a network of IT experts from many backgrounds. Collaboration through our circle of CIOs/CISOs is clearly an advantage. You do not benefit from a single Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) but from a complete network.

Types of offers CISO360

We draw a picture of your company’s situation in terms of information security risks. The result allows you to make a constant and be clearly informed of your risks. This is the first crucial step in terms of safety: Awareness


Few organizations can afford to apply all the rules of a security standard. While reducing IT risks, they may conflict with other business priorities such as efficiency, collaboration, productivity or availability of funds and resources for its implementation.


Our risk analysis is oriented to find this balance between an acceptable risk while limiting the impact on your organization
If compliance with a standard is required, our analysis will take this into account


The CISO 360 allows you to make an overall security strategy for your organization and intervene in priority directly where the risk is the highest. 


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