CIO on Demand

Benefit from an experienced CIO to achieve your goals

CIO: Chief Information Officer; the officer in charge of information technology and digital transformation in large corporations. In smaller companies, this position will most often be held by the IT director or the director of information systems (CIO). The CIO acts as a strategic advisor to the executive committee for the technological and innovation aspects.

CIO on Demand

The on-demand CIO, with its CIO office, toolbox and network of pre-qualified suppliers, is a key element in helping our clients achieve their strategic digital transformation goals or more tactical goals in sound IT governance.

Our CIOs (Chief Information Officers) have extensive experience in several organizations of varying sizes. They have worked in various fields such as services, manufacturing, distribution, insurance, engineering offices, etc. Our CIOs have the ability to quickly adapt to the operational reality of our clients. The average experience of our CIOs is over 25 years.

Our recipe: to offer a rich environment for our employees and offer resources of unexpected quality to our customers


The CIO Circle

Collaborative space where any CIO of EFICIO can appeal to his colleagues to support or guide him in a project requiring a specialty that he does not master. 


The Tool Box

Strategic partnership with the Gartner group. Hundreds of templates and tools that will speed up the CIO in the execution of its deliveries. 


The qualified supplier directory

A directory, built on the basis of 30+ years of experience in calling on specialist suppliers. All the suppliers are reviewed by our CIOs.


The advisory committee

when your CIO presents their IT master plan or other strategic deliverables to your executives, you have the option of bringing in your CIO advisory committee, composed of 2 to 4 independant CIOs to challenge the ideas presented.

The offers

CIO on call, per hour, fixed price

No matter your IT challenges, goals, and budget, your CIO will be available for the duration, interval, and interventions that match your needs. The time of a call, by the hour, by the day, by the month, by customized package … anything is possible! We can support you for two years full time or three hours per month, your needs dictate our interventions.


CIO in support / Coaching

Does your IT department or manager need help? Do you want to offer experienced coaching to your management team or your IT resources? Our CIOs work in collaboration with you IT staff to meet needs on time and on budget. Better yet, at your request, your CIO will take care to prepare the succession by increasing the level of maturity of your team to make it fully autonomous.


Interim CIO

Temporarily hire a qualified CIO for when you feel like you are operating without a safety net, whether following the sudden departure of your trusted CIO or to support your IT manager during a critical period of time. ‘activity.

The advantages of a CIO on demand

  • Procure high-level IT services at a fraction of the cost and without impact on payroll.
  • Benefit from innovative strategic advices, when you need it, and for the required period.
  • Devote more time and energy to business strategies while your CIO takes care of your technology challenges.
  • Efficient and agile tactical interventions that respect the allocated budgets.
  • Go high-speed with a proactive independent team that is focused solely on achieving pre-determined goals.
  • Benefit from the advice of an informed and connected CIO: your professional CIO keeps up to date with the latest technological innovations. He has been following the market for many years and has a very rich network of contacts which he uses to broaden his expertise.
  • Have a new look at your IT.
  • Take advantage of a network of IT experts who, if necessary, participate in your projects.
  • The complete independence of your assigned CIO: even if it comes from a consulting agency (CIO ON REQUEST), your CIO is completely independent of all suppliers. He will not attempt to push a product or service for his own gain, he will only seek out what is most beneficial to you. Period.


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